Discover the Slovenian Alps

A multitude of exceptionally beautiful trails in Slovenia's Julian Alps

Slovenia's Hiking & Trekking Highlights


This fabulous hiking trip combines wonderful 3-day trekking through the Triglav National Park with stunning moderate day hikes in western Slovenia.

After a fun night out in Ljubljana, we will head to the Julian Alps and spend two nights in cosy mountain huts. We are doing one of the most beautiful short hut-to-hut hikes in Slovenia, passing through the beautiful Valley of Seven Triglav Lakes and taking in the impressive views of the highest Slovenian peaks.

Once we are done with the hut-to-hut hike, we will have a swim in the crystal-clear Lake Bohinj and explore the best views around the stunning Lake Bled. We will drive the famous Vrsic mountain road and discover the off-the-beaten-path hiking trails in the area.

The emerald Soca Valley will serve us with some amazing easy walks, a steep climb to the mighty Mt. Mangart, and cold river pools to refresh after our hiking adventures. We will wrap up this unforgettable hiking trip with top-notch food and wine in the Vipava Valley before heading back to Ljubljana.

Hikers in the valley of Seven Triglav Lakes, Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Discover the Slovenian Alps is an 8-day small group hiking adventure along some of Europe’s most scenic hiking trails. This tour is for all who wish to experience a variety of hikes in rugged high mountain terrain, which will reward your efforts with the beautiful natural sights of western Slovenia.

It’s a combination of a technically easy 3-day hut-to-hut tour, day hikes and walks in the foothills of the Slovenian Alps. On this trip, you’ll hike the lush Triglav National Park and the garden of Eden – Soca valley, stroll around Ljubljana, one of Europe’s smallest and greenest capitals, visit charming lakes Bled and Bohinj, and taste great food and wine in one of Slovenia’s best wine regions. Additionally, adventure lovers can experience outdoor adventures in Slovenia’s adventure capital, Bovec.

Some sections will include the best trails in Slovenia, like the Via Alpina Trail, Slovenian Mountain Trail, Alpe Adria Trail, Soca Trail and the Juliana Trail.

With our friendly hiking guides, you’ll meet interesting people and savour some first-class Slovenian food, beer and wine. At the same time, you’ll discover our national heritage of honour, pride and courage!

Day 1: Welcome to Ljubljana

In the evening, our cheerful trip guide will meet you in your hotel in Ljubljana.

From there you’ll go for a welcome drink in Ljubljana’s lively old town. While sipping excellent wine or beer, you’ll first get to know your fellow hikers and then the guide will present the details of the trip, as well as answer any questions you might have. Afterward, you’ll be able to explore the city on your own and enjoy its vibrant old center with green parks and outdoor cafes on the curvy banks of the Ljubljanica river.

Overnight: 3* hotel in the center of Ljubljana
Meals included: /


Day 2: Hiking in Triglav National Park

In the morning you’ll head off on a three-day hut-to-hut hike, the best summer hike in the Julian Alps. The trail will take you off the beaten track, along forest paths and rocky mountain trails just beneath Slovenia’s highest mountain – Mt. Triglav.

First, you’ll cross lovely alpine pastures in the hills near Lake Bohinj, where you can taste and buy fresh cheese and sour milk at the small working farms you’ll pass. Further on, you’ll start ascending mountain passes on the rugged slopes of the surrounding mountains. Even if you have traveled the best of the Alps and other world-famous destinations, you’ll still find these views breathtaking.

Onwards, your feet will feel a bit lighter as you’ll have gained your highest elevation. From here on the trail keeps to the side of the mountains before it finally turns downhill. A short descent later, you’ll find yourself crossing wildflower-strewn mountain meadows dotted with lazing cows. Hardly any people trek in this part of the Triglav National Park. As the mountain hut appears on the hillside, you’ll notice the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav (2864m). For a closer look at the mountain that was bought for a coin over a hundred years ago, climb the neighboring summit (extra 1 hour) and enjoy the evening light over the jagged peaks of the Julian Alps.

Today we will provide a picnic lunch for the hike.

Hiking: 9 km / elevation +900 m, -250 m/ approx. 6 hours Elevation profile.
Overnight: mountain hut with shared rooms (4-12 beds) and shared bathroom
Meals included: breakfast, pack-lunch, dinner
Total driving time: 1 hour


Day 3: Trekking in the heart of the Julian Alps

Today, the most challenging day of the trip takes you through the heart of the Julian Alps.

First, you’ll warm-up by walking along a hillside path through a dwarf pine forest. From here a gravel path will take you over rocky terrain through stunning alpine scenery to a high mountain pass. It’s just the place to relax for a while and enjoy the best view of Mount Triglav on this tour. Here you’ll have the chance to climb a fantastic peak (extra 1 hour and 250 meters altitude gain), at the top of which you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views over the highest summits of the Slovenian, Italian and Austrian Alps.

As the gravel path turns downhill, you’ll join the Via Alpina Trail and Slovenian Mountain Trail leading through the valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes. This is a more relaxed walk along an easy and very popular valley of geological and biological importance, where you’ll spot some karst mountain formations, fossils, and endemic flowers. Here you won’t be able to miss the lumps of fur dotting the landscape around the trail. These are marmots relaxing on the sunny side of the rocks. If you don’t see them, you surely hear their whistles.

As the day turns to late afternoon, you’ll reach the mountain hut at the Triglav lakes and enjoy some relaxation time.

Lunch is available at a mountain hut along the way, or you can get a picnic lunch from the hut at breakfast.

Hiking: 12 km / elevation +700 m, -750 m / approx. 7 hours Elevation profile.
Overnight: mountain hut in shared rooms (4-12 beds) and shared washroom
Meals included: breakfast, dinner
Total driving time: /


Day 4: Hiking in the land of the alpine pastures

In the morning you’ll head across the scree slope to a little mountain saddle between two peaks, a doorway to the land of alpine pastures. The fitter ones among you will have the option to hike to a lonely summit. Your effort will be more than rewarded with a grand landscape panorama over the Seven Triglav lakes valley and the Julian Alps.

After returning from the peak, you’ll leave the highest and most extensive mountain range in Slovenia behind for a while. From here on you’ll trek along a limestone pavement surrounded by sinkholes and dwarf pines, leading to lush green forests and alpine pastures. It’s just the place to try some fresh, homemade food.

Soon after you’ll join a dirt path; time to get your camera ready. This is because you’ll reach a picture-perfect setting of cabins on a green meadow by a glass-like lake reflecting a rock wall. It’s the last natural feature before reaching the Bohinj valley.

Because ‘an empty sack doesn’t stand tall’ we’ll take you for a delicious traditional lunch, then we’ll round up the three-day hike with an unforgettable swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s largest permanent lake.

Afterward, we will drive to the spectacular Lake Bled, where the group will still have some time to explore and have dinner on their own.

Hiking: 8 km / elevation +200 m, -800 m / approx. 4 hours Elevation profile.
Overnight: 3* hotel in Bohinj or Bled
Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Total driving time: 15 min


Day 5: Hiking at Lake Bled & the Vrsic mountain pass

Lake Bled is just as beautiful in real life as it looks in photos. So to give you a chance to take the perfect photo, we’ll hike to a popular viewpoint and photo spot of the lake, island church, and clifftop castle with the Karavanke Alps in the backdrop. We might even have time for a quick swim in Lake Bled before continuing with our trip.

Our next quest is a scenic drive on a winding road among the limestone walls leading to the Vrsic mountain pass. The road was built by Russian prisoners during World War One and makes for a perfect starting point for our day hike. The path leads to a solitary mountain shoulder, with a lonely peak in the middle of a mountain arena with captivating limestone walls.

If you thought Slovenia couldn’t get any prettier, wait until you descend to the other side of the pass, the Soca valley. This is the most biodiverse place in the country with emerald waters, dense forests, and the biggest variety of outdoor adventures in Slovenia. The perky little town of Bovec is its center, as well as the country’s outdoor adventure capital. Our place for the next two nights.

Today’s lunch is in a cosy mountain hut.

Hiking: 10 km / elevation gain +650 m, -650 m / approx. 5 hours split into 3 different hikes
Overnight: 3* hotel in Bovec, Soca valley
Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Total driving time: 2 hours


Day 6: Hiking and adventures in the Soca Valley

Today brings many different options. Given the elevation difference, you can choose a relatively short hike to Mt Mangart, the third highest peak in Slovenia and the highest in the Soca Valley. If you’re looking for more of a thrill, opt for adventures like kayaking, rafting, zip-lining, and even canyoning.

Hikers will start the day early, winding up the curvy Mangart road to Mangart saddle, stopping on Slovenia’s highest mountain road. Just after a short warm-up walk, a steep rocky trail with handlines will quickly take you from the mountain base to a world of rocks and stones. You’ll find the rope aids handy for climbing the tall steps. At the top, a 360-degree mountain panorama, encompassing the western Julian Alps stretching from Slovenia to Italy and Austria, will not fail to capture your attention. If you think climbing Mangart is too much, the guides will recommend an easy hike with jaw-dropping views at the top of Mangart saddle.

After the descent, the group will get together over a delicious local lunch.

In the afternoon you’ll still have enough time for some outdoor adventures, have a massage, or explore the town on your own. As there is a good variety of restaurants, inns, and bars, you’ll easily find options to pamper your taste buds.

Hiking: 8 km / elevation gain +650 m, -650 m / approx. 5 hours
Overnight: 3* hotel in Bovec
Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Total driving time: 1 hour


Day 7: Experience the Vipava Valley wine region

This morning we’ll head further south from the untamed alpine terrain, and by late afternoon end up in the rolling hills of one of Slovenia’s best wine regions.

First, we’ll walk along part of the circular trail around the Julian Alps, known as the Juliana Trail. It’s one of the most spectacular sections of the Soca trail, following one of the most beautiful alpine rivers in the world, the Soca River. You will cross wooden hanging bridges and, if brave enough, have the chance to swim in Soca’s turquoise river pools.

The area is well known for its rich historical heritage with numerous relics from the First World War. Before grabbing a local lunch, we’ll follow the tranches to a lookout position above the Bovec basin.

From Bovec, we will drive to the rolling hills of Vipava Valley, a tiny wine region where a moderate climate, long tradition, and hard-working farmers make the region extremely charming in every season. One of the local producers will host us in his wine cellar for a great final dinner, where we will uncork the finest local varieties and toast to new friendships and an amazing trip we had together.

After dinner, the guide will take you back to  Ljubljana where you will enjoy the nice atmosphere of the Slovenian capital. 

Hiking: 9 km / elevation gain +300 m, -300 m / approx. 2.5 hours
Overnight: 3* hotel in the center of Ljubljana
Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Total driving time: 2.5 hours


Day 8: End of the trip

After a hearty breakfast, your hiking adventure in western Slovenia ends. But please note that you might have helplessly fallen in love with Slovenia by this time. Take one last stroll through the cobbled streets of the capital, and only leave when you feel you must.

Meals included: breakfast

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  • 5 nights bed & breakfast in comfortable and well-located 3 and 4* hotels. Double or twin rooms.
  • 2 nights bed & breakfast & dinner in mountain huts. Shared rooms with 4-10 beds per room. Shared bathrooms.
  • 6 guided days with English speaking hiking guide, who is also the driver.
  • All transfers listed in the itinerary. Starting and ending in Ljubljana.
  • Van with 8+1 seats is always available to the group, except for the 3-day hut-to-hut hike. In the case of more than 8 guests, we will have 2 vans and 2 guides.
  • 7 breakfasts, 3 dinners, 4 lunches, 1 picnic lunch.
  • Welcome meeting over a drink in Ljubljana.
  • Organization, 24-hour holiday service & support.


  • International flights.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Drinks.
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Guide gratuities.
  • Other services not specified in the Inclusions.


  • Single room supplement: 215 € (no single room in the mountain huts!)

Activity Level 3-4: MODERATE hiking with some difficult days

Expect to walk 5-7 hours per day, with 10-15 km (6-10 miles) in distance and up to 1000 m (3300 ft) of elevation gain on the hardest day. It might not sound much, but so far no one has ever said that it was too easy. Therefore you must be in reasonable shape and have some hiking experience to fully enjoy this tour.

What are the trails like?

The trails are uneven, sometimes rocky, narrow, and with loose gravel. Moreover, you will need to overcome several steep sections on the uphills as well as on the downhills. There are some section where you will have to use your hands as well. On some days you will hike partly in the shade of a forest, on others above the treeline, but mostly without any shelter along the way.

Our Discover Slovenian Alps hiking tour can only be done when the mountain huts in the central Julian Alps are open. They usually open in the last week of June and remain open until late September. The first half of July and September generally see fewer fellow hikers. August is the peak month and the trails & huts are busy. The temperatures in September start decreasing, especially when the sun sets.

What is the weather usually like?

Weather can change a lot. On the highest peaks, it can snow even in summer (although it is not very common). If the weather is nice it can be very hot. Even above 30 deg C (90 deg F), which is a must for sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat (for shade)! If the weather is bad and windy you will need really warm clothes. Be prepared for temperatures as low as 0 deg C and 32 deg F. This does not mean you have to bring a thick down jacket and thermal pants, but just keep in mind that it can get cold and unpleasant. Check our recommended packing list.

We also recommend having a thin (lightweight) layer to cover your arms, legs, and the back of your neck to prevent sunburns.

Of course, don’t forget your swimsuit and a small towel! Lakes and rivers are calling for a refreshing swim!

Essential read: our Best time to hike in Slovenia blog post.

You’ll stay in selected nice and clean centrally located 3* or 4* hotels, in double or single rooms with en-suite bathroom. Two nights are spent in typical Slovenian mountain huts.

The typical hotel selection is:

Hotel in Ljubljana – uHotel**** or City Hotel***
Hotel at Lake Bled – Hotel Astoria***
Hotel in the Soca Valley (Bovec) – Hotel Mangart**** or Hotel Alp***

Please note that different group departure dates may include a different selection of hotels. Feel free to ask for accommodation details for your preferred departure date. 

For your private hiking tours in Slovenia, we will propose and book hotels according to your wishes. Depending on your group size, you can choose really nice boutique and family-run properties. Don’t expect a 5* luxury, but rather small & cute charming hotels and B&B’s.  

What are the mountain huts like?

The huts in the Slovenian Alps are quite basic, but they offer everything a hiker needs: food, drinks and accommodation. Most of the huts are accessible only by helicopter (no roads). Thus food supply is limited, so expect simple menus of mountain food like different stews (vegetable or with meat), pasta and sausages. They also sell chocolate, soft drinks, water, beer etc. The usual breakfast would be eggs, ham, cheese, butter, jam… 

The huts we use on this hiking tour have normal flush toilets, running (drinking) water and sometimes even hot showers.

Expect to share a room, toilets, bathrooms or washrooms. Rooms are from 4 to 12 beds.

Aljaz Zupan
Slotrips guide

Aljaz Zupan, Slotrips hiking guide

A passion born in mountain summer camps nurtured through adolescence and enhanced by different courses brought me to the point of making my hobby a profession. With like-minded friends, I had spent many fun days and starry nights tramping the mountains. Therefore I love spending every day in nature, where I eagerly share my knowledge about Slovenia. So if you wish to experience a fun hike, taste some amazing food, perhaps just spend a few days outdoors, or enjoy a debate over a beer, you can count on me! When I’m not in the mountains, you will find me working on various non-profit projects, or maybe sleeping…

Meet the team

“This was an incredible trip for me

and it is all down to Miha and his team at Slotrips. His passion made our experience unforgettable. We did so much swimming in lakes, rivers, waterfalls. We saw incredible views on our various hikes. We ate amazing local food and stayed in excellent accommodation (the mountain huts are actually very cosy and comfortable!) Everything we did was of the highest standard. It’s going to be difficult to do an organised trip again as Miha has set the bar very high and I don’t think others tours could match this one!”

Kathryn Nolan
from Ireland

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How big are the groups?

Depending on the departure date, the maximum group size is 8 or 16 travelers. In the case of more than 8 travelers on the tour, there will be 2 guides guiding the trip with two 8-seater minivans for the transfers along the way. This will allow you to join either the faster or more leisurely walking group. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the pace they feel most comfortable with. Therefore, the more physically fit hikers can add some extra miles while others take more time to rest and relax. By doing so we keep the feeling and flexibility of a small group tour, so you get the best out of the trip.

What to bring for this walking tour?

Check our recommended packing list.

What if the weather is too bad to do the three-day hike?

In the case of the weather being so bad, that the three-day hut-to-hut hike can’t be done, we will change the hikes to those less conditioned by the weather and if necessary move to the trailheads by van. To keep the price of the tour the same, we will stay two nights in mountain huts that are accessible by van.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

Not necessarily. The huts provide blankets and one-time-use paper sheets. However, we highly recommend bringing a lightweight cotton sleeping liner (travel sheet), because you’ll sleep better on it and avoid making unnecessary waste and help preserve some trees. 

Is luggage transfer between the mountain huts possible?

No. You will need to carry your belongings throughout the entire hiking tour. Yet your main luggage will be stored at the hotel in which you’ll stay after the hiking tour.

Can I swim in the Triglav lakes?

No! The lakes are fairly small, especially during the summer drought. The water in and outflow is super small and the water barely changes. The lakes’ micro-ecosystem is very fragile and we must not endanger it with our sweat, sunscreen etc. Moreover, it is considered an offense by the Triglav National Park organization.

Do the mountain huts provide vegetarian/vegan meals?

Food in mountain huts is quite basic. There are options for vegans and vegetarians, but the selection is very limited. If you have any special dietary restrictions or needs, we recommend bringing your own snacks and treats.


1,640 € per person

Photos by Slotrips and STO (Marijan Mocivnik)

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Price: 1,640 €
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Tonkina koca and Kekec Homestead
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kranjska Gora and Tonkina koca
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kekec Homestead and the town of Bovec

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