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Photo by Luka Esenko

Let’s put the carbon footprint of travel in perspective

Flight: 2.5 tons CO2

Per passenger for a round-trip flight from New York to Ljubljana (13,600 km) in economy class.

Driving around Slovenia: 0.038 tons CO2

Per passenger driving 650 km on our Best Walks tour sharing the van with 7 other travelers.

Hotels: 0.063 tons CO2

Per passenger staying 7 nights in a double room of a 3* hotel on your trip in Slovenia.

Travel carbon footprint diagram

Distribution of your carbon footprint

When traveling from New York to Slovenia for a week-long hiking trip with Slotrips.

On average EU citizens generate 7.8 tons of CO2 per person per year.

Sources: / /

To Travel, or Not to Travel

The primary contributor to pollution in the travel industry is clear from the diagram above. However, are you prepared to completely forgo air travel? Honestly, we’re not. We love exploring other continents, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, understanding unique habitats, making new friendships in various corners of the world, and more.

It’s a journey that unites us as a global community.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.

This is a quote by Mark Twain. And we really like this piece by Edith from Planeta Sana:

Travel usually makes people less materialistic. Travelers prefer to spend their money on experiences and meeting people from different backgrounds. People become more tolerant as a result, and I believe there would be fewer wars today if travelling was mandatory, as a major experience for the young (as long as they are really immersed in the culture).”

A shepherd at a dawn on one of the alpine pastures in the Julian Alps in Slovenia with cattle in the background
Lojz - a farmer and shepherd from Zajamniki meadow. Photo by Ciril Jazbec (for STO)

Sustainable Travel? Yes, please!

OK, so we are going to keep traveling, but let’s be mindful of the impact. As a tour operator, as travelers, and simply as human beings, there are several thoughtful practices we’ve woven into our operations, travels, and daily lives to leave a positive mark on the environment and society.

This is what we do and encourage you to do the same…


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

This is our mantra in daily life, work, and travel.

On our trips you are not getting a new water bottle – you surely got one already.

We don’t change our bike fleet every year. Instead, we follow Domen’s (our lead guide and trip designer) philosophy: “Take care of your things and maintain them – if you do, they will last forever.”

Our office has gone fully digital, kissing printing goodbye – no small feat in the face of Slovenian bureaucracy!

Of course, we drink our excellent tap water. And you should too.

We’re all about turning down the heating and AC, recycling, opting for experiences over material things, growing our veggies, steering clear of single-use plastic, working from home, and choosing to bike & walk whenever we can.


Support Small Local Businesses

Being a small local business ourselves, we love collaborating with local guides, craftsmen, chefs, farmers, winemakers, family-run hotels, and other locally owned gems.

Your euros stay in the region, supporting these businesses and helping individuals build a better life.


Make fewer, but longer trips

When you travel, stay longer.

Dive deep into the experience – hike, bike, taste, and explore. The region deserves it and you will love it. Even in a small country like Slovenia, you can easily stay for more than two weeks. Or make a multi-country trip by combining Slovenia with Croatia, northern Italy, Austria or Hungary.

Make your flight count!


Escape the Crowds: Hike & Bike!

Small group & private travel is our signature move, allowing us to escape the whirlwind of mass tourism, especially when we hit those enchanting hiking trails and scenic biking back-roads.

Most of our trips are designed to minimize driving and center around human-powered transport. There’s truly nothing like exploring on foot or two wheels!

Your body, your mind, and Mother Nature will thank you!


Travel in Shoulder Seasons

July & August are busy due to school holidays. September is getting increasingly popular. Try May (our favorite!), June, October, or April.

While November to March is not the best time for hiking and biking tours due to unpredictable temperatures & snow conditions, these months are great for off-season culinary, cultural, or serious winter adventures.


Be Thankful & Give Back to the Local Community

We recognize that the well-being and satisfaction of the local people who are not directly involved or benefited from tourism is crucial. We have a deep respect for local cultures, environments, and the individuals who graciously share their communities with us.

“People should learn to see their travels as an opportunity for exchange with a host community rather than a simple consumer transaction,” is a lovely quote from NY Times. We couldn’t agree more.

Giving back?

In 2023, we contributed to a retired couple recovering from severe house damage during the August floods and supported an NGO focused on reforestation in the Karst region which was deeply affected by forest fires in 2022.

Exciting news: We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Responsible Travel, gearing up to operate trips for disadvantaged children in 2024!


Reduce Your Meat Intake

Some of our Slotrips guides & team members are vegetarians, but most of us are “reducitarians” opting for vegetarian/vegan dishes.

While Slovenian cuisine is often meat-based, we offer vegetarian options on all our tours, encouraging our travelers to try them.


Treat Everyone as You Would Like to Be Treated

We strive to provide a healthy and friendly environment in all relationships of our operation: within our team, with our partners, drivers, waiters, local communities, and, of course, our travelers!

It is a simple rule that makes the world a better place!


Prioritize Sustainable Partners

Choosing accommodations with a solid sustainability policy isn’t always easy, but whenever possible, we take that route.

For dining, we love picking small local restaurants, farmers, or chefs working with local food suppliers. Our farm-to-table meals often become a highlight of the trip!


Apply These Principles to All Aspects of Life

Not just when you travel! Love nature & your neighbor every day!


Offset your carbon footprint

After embracing all the steps above, we encourage you to take the extra step and offset your carbon footprint.

Remember: Reduce first, then offset!

And read this complete guide to carbon offsetting.


Pay Your Taxes

Hiding the income and avoiding taxes seems to be a popular sport in many countries, Slovenia included. But for our society to work well, we all need good roads, hospitals, teachers, and honest politicians.

To the private sector: Pay your taxes!

To the public sector: Spend the money responsibly!

If we all do our part (and apply points 1 to 11), we can live happily and harmoniously ever after. 🙂

Slotrips is a member of

Mountain ibex resting in the Triglav National Park

Read more & let us know your thoughts

The A to Z Guide to Traveling Sustainably by Juliet Kinsman in Conde Nast Traveler.

Live sustainably: how to be a conscious consumer by Friends of the Earth.


We would love to hear your ideas! Please comment below!

Photo by Luka Esenko & PhotoHound

Slotrips Company Policy

Download it here and check our 2020 – 2023 sustainability report.
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An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kranjska Gora and Tonkina koca
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Tonkina koca and Kekec Homestead
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kekec Homestead and the town of Bovec

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