About Slovenia

About Slovenia

Introducing Slovenia: Active, Green, Tasty, Sustainable, Healthy & Safe

While Slovenia may be small in physical size, you’ll never find a more compact and diverse country. Tucked away on the edge of south-central Europe, its geographical location and, until recently, relative obscurity, are the very things that have made it such a special place to visit.

With just a total area of 20,273 sq km (half the size of Switzerland or 20 times smaller than the state of California) and a population of just over 2 million, you might be tempted to think that a short visit is enough. But most people, who do come, soon realize that it isn’t.

Being wedged between the European Alps and the Adriatic Sea has created a landscape that changes so dramatically across such a small area, that you can be sitting beside an alpine lake in the mountains in the morning, and sunbathing on a Mediterranean beach in the afternoon.

With almost 60% of Slovenia’s surface covered with forests and 37% of the area being protected within Natura 2000, you are entering an amazing playground to discover untouched nature, crystal clear waters, endless hiking trails, and rolling cycling roads. But above all, you are entering a land of warm & hardworking people who will be happy to share our backyard with you by taking you on an exciting journey through our natural, cultural, and gastronomic wonderland.

Map of Slovenia with exciting things to see

How to get to Slovenia?

By plane: most of our travellers arrive in Slovenia by plane. If you have done some research already, you might have noticed that the flights to Slovenia (Ljubljana Airport) are rather limited or expensive. Therefore quite a lot of travellers choose to fly to Venice (2.5-hour drive from Ljubljana), Zagreb (1.5-hour drive from Ljubljana) or even Vienna (4-hour drive from Ljubljana). For all these airports we can organize a private or shared door-to-door shuttle service. The shared transfer is very reasonably priced, by sharing the van with other passengers travelling on the same route at roughly the same time.

By train: there are direct trains from Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana to: Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Salzburg & Vienna (Austria), Munich & Frankfurt (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) & Budapest (Hungary). The easiest way to check the options and book tickets is at bahn.de.

By bus: You have plenty of options here. Try flixbus.com.

By car: For most of our hiking and biking tours, you won’t need a car. However, If you want to stay flexible, explore the country at your own pace and do some hikes and bike rides along the way, possibly add Croatia or Austria to the trip plan – then you’ll need a car. Of course, we will rent it for you. Just ask…

A couple in the vineyard above the heart road in the Styria region in Slovenia on the border with Austria

Stay active in Slovenia!

If you are expecting Eiffel Towers and Louvre’s, you have come to the wrong place. But if you are after pristine landscapes, green forests, emerald rivers, jagged mountain peaks & rolling wine hills, Slovenia should be high on your bucket list. On top of all this, you can also add amazing locally produced food, top-notch wines, endless hiking & biking trails, thrilling adrenaline adventures, authentic local experiences and honest, hard-working, welcoming and proud Slovenians!

You might have heard that Slovenia is “Europe’s best-kept secret”, “hidden gem”, “undiscovered” and so on. Things are changing quickly and in some places (and some parts of the year) you might ask yourself if you are in the right country. Of course, Slovenia is nothing like Dubrovnik or Venice, however particularly July and August can be pretty busy in places like Lake Bled, Ljubljana or Piran. But don’t worry! As soon as you hop on your bike or go on your walk and leave those hotspots where everyone gathers, you will enjoy your unique Slovenian adventure away from the crowds. 

Especially by joining our hiking & biking trips where we share with you the best trails, sights and stories, hidden treasures and present you to our friends who will open their beehives, wine cellars, and grandma’s kitchens for full immersion to Slovenian culture.

What’s next?

An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kranjska Gora and Tonkina koca
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An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Tonkina koca and Kekec Homestead
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kekec Homestead and the town of Bovec
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