Photos from travels document important moments in our lives. Oftentimes our most precious memories are never even captured on frames but are engraved deep in our brain because of the way we felt engaging with a certain place, person, or experience in time. In this blog post, we will not only share some of the best places to take pictures in Slovenia but also provide some ideas on what to do in that particular area. You definitely don’t want to be rushing between photography places but rather take your time, enjoy the pristine Slovenian nature, go on a hike, ride your bike, and make long-lasting memories.

Fall colors in the Julian Alps, captured on the road to Mangart saddle
Fall colors on the road to Mangart Saddle, Julian Alps
Cherry trees in bloom in Slovenian wine region of Goriska Brda
Cherry blossom in Goriska brda wine hills

Here is a selection of photo locations, Instagram spots, and active trips for photography enthusiasts, which we believe feature the most beautiful landscape and geographic diversity of Slovenia, where magical moments happened to us and could be caught by your camera too.

Best photography locations in Slovenia, Piran with Mt. Triglav in winter
Winter shot of Piran and the Julian Alps (including Mt. Triglav) in the background. All photos in this post are by Luka Esenko.

Discover Slovenia’s best photo spots on foot or by bike

We, at Slotrips, are outdoor enthusiasts. Deeply in love with the great outdoors and fond explorers either on foot or by bike. Even though some of the below-mentioned photography spots can be reached by car (or even by public transport), we always recommend taking the slow road and combine several photography places into a nice hiking tour or a beautiful bike ride. Along the way, you will find so many other cool places to take your pictures, and above all, make your explorations an exciting experience in the beautiful Slovenian outdoors. Have a look at our tours.

Whatever you do, make sure you behave respectfully to the locals, private property, flora, and fauna. A friendly “Dober dan!” (good day in Slovene) and polite permission to park, or cross a fence go a long way and you might find yourself making new friends or drinking schnapps in a local’s home. Please also note that flying drones in urbanized areas and within the Triglav National Park is forbidden!

Before we dive in, I would like to thank my friend Luka Esenko for contributing his stunning pictures to this post. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see what Luka is doing to bring the world’s best photography locations to you.

Hiker hiking a ridge in the Julian Alps
Hiker on a ridge near Mt. Mangart in the Julian Alps


Let’s start with the most iconic place to take pictures in Slovenia – Lake Bled! It is definitely high on everyone’s bucket list when coming to Slovenia for the first time and there is a reason for it: the lake island, its church, a 1000-year old castle on a cliff just above the lakeshore, and the rugged Karawanke mountains in the background. The ingredients for a perfect picture are there, but you will need to find your favorite photo spot, be patient to get awesome light conditions, and also be creative to capture a unique image of the most photographed Slovenian landmark.

Morning reflections on Lake Bled, best photopgarphy spots in Slovenia
Sunrise at Lake Bled from Zaka bay

The best photo spots at Lake Bled are located on the south-western shore of the lake.

There are several spots just along the shore where the main photo ingredients are lined-up really nicely (for example at a small meadow, shown on our map) or go to the boardwalk where you can get really close to the water to capture the island reflection or the morning mists, without the trees and branches getting in your way.

For a different perspective, hike to the popular Ojstrica viewpoint (this spot can get busy!) or go even a bit further to Mala Osojnica viewpoint. It is definitely worth the hike, especially at sunrise or the evening blue hour. To get away from the beaten track, I recommend renting a bike and discovering the nearby villages or locations near the Sava river where you will find so many authentic opportunities for pictures of the Lake Bled area.

The Vintgar Gorge is very photogenic as well, but it tends to be very busy which makes photography quite difficult, especially because you need some space and a tripod to make the best photos at Vintgar Gorge. To avoid the crowds, come as soon as the gates open in the morning or visit outside of the main tourist season.

Sun rising behind the church on Lake Bled island
Sun rising behind the church at Lake Bled
Morning at Lake Bled, one of the Best photo spots in Slovenia
Morning reflections at Lake Bled
Sunrise view of Lake Bled from Ojstrica viewpoint, best photo spot at Lake Bled
Sunrise view of Lake Bled from Ojstrica viewpoint
Winter view of Lake Bled from Mala Osojnica
View of Lake Bled from Mala Osojnica
Rowing boats at Lake Bled at sunrise
Rowing boats at Lake Bled at sunrise


It is difficult to find a more photogenic place than Lake Bled. Honestly, Lake Bohinj can’t rival the classic photo composition of Lake Bled. But Bohinj has so many other reasons to fall in love with it! Its stunning natural beauty, rugged mountains, and cultural heritage of this beautiful area, mostly within the Triglav National Park, make an unparalleled playground for all nature lovers and keen photographers. The “wow” picture of Lake Bohinj is not that obvious. You will need to explore the area by bike, on foot, or on water and you will surely find countless places for cool pictures of Lake Bohinj and make lifetime memories along the way. 

Winter shot of Lake Bohinj from pec viewpoint, best photo location at Lake Bohinj
Winter view of Lake Bohinj from Pec viewpoint

The best photo spot at Lake Bohinj is not that obvious. But the whole region just calls for pictures!

The classic Lake Bohinj photo spots are to be found around the bridge at Ribcev Laz. With the cute St. John the Baptist church, rowing boats, and the bridge itself. But my favorite part of Lake Bohinj is its wild north & west side. Explore the lovely hiking trails by the lakeshore or rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard at Camp Zlatorog. The early morning mist or the late afternoon sun when the steep cliffs of Mt. Prsivec are lit by the last sun rays are everything your soul and camera are looking for. 

For a bird’s eye view of Lake Bohinj take a cable car to Vogel ski resort (and optionally add a hike to Sija or the summit of Vogel) or do a short hike near Ribcev Laz to the picture-perfect Pec viewpoint. Two of my personal favorite hiking and photo spots at Lake Bohinj are the Studor hill and the Vodnik viewpoint, both a short drive up a mountain road, plus a pleasant hike. Check our map.

Mt. Triglav shot taken from Vogel ski resort
Mount Triglav shot from Vogel ski resort
Spring at Lake Bohinj, taken from Vodnik viewpoint
View of Lake Bohinj from Vodnik viewpoint on Pokljuka
Sunrise picture at Ribcev Laz, Lake Bohinj
Sunrise at Ribcev Laz, Lake Bohinj
Lively pastures around Lake Bohinj in summer
Pastures around Lake Bohinj in summer
Spectacular light at Lake Bohinj, best images of Lake Bohinj
Spectacular light at Lake Bohinj


We are heading to the Julian Alps now to do some real hiking and find those amazing spots to take the best pictures in the high mountains of the Triglav National Park. To be honest, you’ll find plenty of fantastic photo opportunities just anywhere in the Triglav National Park, if you are willing to make the effort and be at your photography spot at sunrise or sunset. But let’s focus on the best photo spots of Slovenia’s highest mountain – Mt. Triglav.

Sunrise view of Mt. Triglav and the Julian Alps, best photography spot
View of Mt. Triglav from Veliki Draski Vrh (near Mt. Visevnik)

For the best photos of Mt. Triglav, climb some peaks on its rugged north side. For easier access choose the peaks on Triglav’s south side.

Because the Triglav summit gets very busy during summer, you should consider climbing some nearby peaks and enjoy the alpine tranquility, plus have the best views of Slovenia’s most iconic mountain. Some of the most spectacular pictures of Mt. Triglav are taken from its north side where you get to capture the impressive Triglav North Wall rising high above the glacial Vrata valley. For the best views, climb Mt. Skrlatica or Mt. Stenar, but be ready for a long, steep, and at times also technically difficult hike. If you are not a hardcore hiker, you should consider choosing some of the peaks on Triglav’s southern side, for example, Mt. Visevnik or Mrezce, but they are still a 2-hour hike from the nearest road. 

Take the cable car to Mt. Vogel at Lake Bohinj and your telephoto lens for the best images of Triglav without having to walk at all.

For the easiest access to the best photography places in the Julian Alps, you should drive the Vrsic or Mangart mountain road (check our map). You won’t see Mt. Triglav from there, but both roads are spectacular and offer a wide variety of beautiful spots for jaw-dropping pictures of other peaks within the Triglav National Park and Slovenian mountains in general. If you are here in October, you get to shoot the golden larch trees and if you are up for an easy hike, don’t miss the views from Slemenova Spica.

Extra tip: for some of the best waterfall pictures in the Triglav National Park, visit the absolutely stunning Pericnik waterfall.

Again: no drones in the Triglav National Park!

Photo encounter with alpine ibex in the Triglav National Park
Alpine Ibex, the guardian of Triglav National Park

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Early winter shot of Mt. Triglav, best photo location in the Julian Alps
Early winter on Mt. Triglav's south side
Slemenova Spica, best photography spot in the Triglav National Park
Autumn snow on Slemenova Spica, Triglav National Park
Image of Triglav north wall, taken from Mt. Stenar
Sunrise shot of Mt. Triglav, taken from Mt. Stenar.
Starry night above the peaks in the Triglav National Park, best photo in Julian Alps
Starry night in the Triglav National Park


The turquoise Soca river is a photographers’ dream! The emerald river, its water pools and rapids, the wooden hanging bridges, spectacular mountain scenery, and the unique outdoor adventures in the Soca valley present a plethora of diverse photo locations. Most probably, the stunning pictures of the Soca river got Slovenia on your bucket list in the first place, right?

Best photo locations in the Soca valley, Great Soca Gorge, Slovenia
My favorite shot of the Great Soca Gorge, Soca Valley, Slovenia

I like the upper part of the Soca river best! For the best photography spots, wonderful hiking, or simply enjoying the stunning nature!

The Soca river in the upper part of the valley is narrow and playful and the surrounding mountains are spectacular. To find your unique photography places along the Soca river, you should do a full-day hike along the Soca Trail from the river source in Zadnja Trenta to the town of Bovec. Or better yet, take our Alpe-Adria self-guided or guided tour and spend multiple days in this beautiful region.

If you are road tripping or in a hurry, take some time and explore the Great Soca Gorge. The exit of the gorge is a popular swimming (and photography) spot in summer, but if you walk upstream, you will find plenty of interesting photo opportunities. Be careful though as the photos might lure you too close to the deep gorge! Another great location very close to the Great Soca Gorge is the Water Hurst of Sunik – a beautiful spot in stunning nature and a playful stream for some great long exposure pictures.

Near Kobarid, you shouldn’t miss the most spectacular and probably the most visited waterfall in Slovenia – the Kozjak waterfall. If you prefer having the waterfall to yourself, have a look at some other waterfall ideas in Slovenia. For the best aerial view of the Soca valley, hike up the steep trails of Mt. Svinjak, just outside of Bovec.

Keep in mind that most of the above-mentioned places are still within the Triglav National Park and drones are not allowed!

Popular swimming spot in the Soca valley, Great Soca Gorge, Slovenia
Last part of the Great Soca Gorge, popular swimming spot in summer
Photographer on a hanging bridge above the Sova river, Slovenia
Hanging bridge across the Soca river at Krsovec Gorge
Farmhouse along the Soca Trail in the Soca valley, Slovenia
Farm in the upper part of the Soca Valley
Best photo locations in Soca valley, Virje waterfall
Amazing Virje waterfall near Bovec in the Soca Valley
Soca valley landscape near Bovec, Slovenia
Soca river with Svinjak mountain near Bovec


Logar Valley is another fabulous location for a classic picture of the Slovenian mountain landscape – the verdant valley, a winding road, and a steep backdrop of high limestone walls. It is located in the beautiful Kamnik-Savinja Alps, just as stunning as the famous Julian Alps, but much less visited, at least by foreign travelers. Logar Valley is a protected landscape park and an entry fee is collected if you enter with a motor vehicle.

Best photo locations in Slovenia, Logar Valley
Stunning shot of Logar Valley in spring, taken at the entrance of the valley

The best landscape pictures of Logar Valley are made just at the entrance to the valley.

Or about halfway up the valley on the beautiful meadows in front of the nicely renovated Hotel Plesnik. For an elevated view of Logar Valley, drive (or better bike) the fabulous Solcava Panoramic Road. On this (partly asphalt, partly gravel) road, you will find countless cool places to take pictures, the most iconic being the shot of the traditional Klemensek farm. If you want to go even higher, hike the ridge of Olseva (or Govca) mountain. The trail is occasionally steep but offers fantastic views to both sides of the Slovenian-Austrian border.

Take time to explore the Logar Valley and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. You will be surprised!

Spring and Elm tree in the Logar Valley
Beautiful elm tree in the Logar Valley
Rinka waterfall, the highest waterfall in Slovenia
Rinka waterfall at the end of Logar Valley
Classic photo of the mountain above Logar Valley
Winding road in front of Hotel Plesnik in the Logar Valley
Cloudy day on Solcava Panoramic Road and Klemensek farm, Slovenia
Cloudy day at Klemensek farm on Solcava panoramic road above the Logar Valley
Church on Solcava Panoramic Road above Logar Valley
Sping on Solcava panoramic road, Logar Valley


Slovenia has lots of wine regions, but for photography, I decided to highlight the Styrian wine region of Svecina. It is located in north-eastern Slovenia (check our map), a short drive from Slovenia’s second-biggest city, Maribor, and just a stone’s throw (literally) from the Austrian border. Recently I was re-discovering this region by bicycle and completely fell in love with it. The steep wine hills and low traffic roads are just perfect for some serious cycling or leisurely e-biking. Add the great dining options (be it a Michelin star restaurant or a simple local farm meal) and some of the best Slovenian & Austrian wines and you’ve got yourself a perfect trip. Have a look at this one!

Styria wine road, wine heart in Slovenia
Slovenian wine heart in the wine region of Svecina, Styria

The main “photo star” of the Styria wine region is the Slovenian wine heart.

A heart-shaped road winding through the vineyards. To take a picture of the Slovenian wine heart, you will walk through the courtyard of the Dreisiebner farm & winery. Most probably you will also park on their property and we need to be respectful here. The Dreisiebner family offers cold cuts, sometimes warm dishes, and of course wine. It is expected that you buy something from their offer or pay a 2 euro fee to enter their courtyard from where THE picture is taken.

When you drive, bike, or hike the wine hills and valleys of Svecina (Slovenia) and the famous South Styria wine road (Austria) you will find so many cool places to take pictures, but also take time for a glass of Riesling, and talk to friendly & joyful locals. Extra tip: for an aerial view of Svecina wine country, don’t miss the view tower at Placki Vrh!

Misty morning at Placki Vrh view tower on Styria wine road
Foggy morning from Placki Vrh view tower.
Wind rattle at sunset on Styria wine road, Slovenia
Wind rattle in the vineyards of Svecina, Styria
Vineyards on Styria wine road, Svecina, Slovenia
Stunning vineyard views on Styria wine road.
Roses by the vineyard serve as early warning system for the winegrower
Roses serve as a warning system for the winemaker
Forested hills and vineyards on Styria wine road, Svecina, Slovenia
The forested hills and vineyards on the Styria wine road


The extensive forests of southern Slovenia are home to Europe’s three big beasts: brown bear, wolf & lynx. While your chances of seeing a wolf or lynx are almost non-existent, you have good chances to see and photograph a brown bear. The best way to take pictures of brown bears in their natural habitat in a responsible and ethical way is to join Miha Mlakar’s photography tours. Miha is a photographer and nature lover from the Notranjska region and has arranged several brown bear photo hides which give you the best options & conditions to spot and photograph a brown bear in Slovenia.

Best photo locations in Slovenia, Brown bear photography
Meet & photograph brown bears in southern Slovenia

Notranjska region has some of the best photo spots in Slovenia for nature photographers.

While you are in the off-the-beaten-track Notranjska region, I have several other recommendations for your photo locations (see also our map):

  • Row the series of underground lakes in the Cross cave: I recommend taking the 4-hour small-group tour where you explore the underground lakes with a small rowing boat. A must-do for all cave lovers.
  • Visit the cute Sneznik castle, one of the best-preserved castles in Slovenia.
  • Bike, hike, or paddle a canoe on the intermittent Cerknica lake – a unique phenomenon. Learn more about it here.
  • Walk the beautiful trails of Rakov Skocjan.
Small natural bridge at Rakov Skocjan, Slovenia
Small natural bridge at the wonderful Rakov Skocjan
Big natural bridge at Rakov Skocjan, Slovenia
Big natural bridge at Rakov Skocjan
Sunrise at intermittent Cerknica lake, Slovenia
Sunrise at the intermittent Cerknice Lake
Rowing a boat in Cross Cave near Cerknica, Slovenia
Rowing a boat in spectacular Cross Cave
Morning light at Cerknica Lake, Slovenia
Enjoy the tranquility & the calm waters of Cerknica Lake


When you’ll drive through the Slovenian countryside, you will spot lots of mostly small churches scattered around the valleys and hills. They represent a strong landmark of Slovenian culture and landscape. Some of them have truly spectacular locations that make an exceptional setting for some of the best landscape pictures in Slovenia.

Morning shot of St. Tomaz church with the spectacular Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background

Churches have some of the best locations for photography in Slovenia.

These are my favorites (check our map):

  • St. Tomaz church near Skofja Loka with Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background.
  • Jamnik church near Kranj, again with Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background.
  • St. Ana church near Ljubljana for the unparalleled sunrise views of Ljubljana marshes.
  • The church at Bukov vrh for the classic shot of Slovenian countryside.
  • Virgin Mary church at Zavrc for the amazing aerial images of surrounding vineyards.

Of course, you will need to get creative and have some luck with the light, clouds, fog etc. to get that “wow” picture. Good luck!

Sunrise at Jamnik church, one of the best photo locations in Slovenia
Sunrise at Jamnik church, one of the most photographed spots in Slovenia
Aerial view of a hilltop church in Slovenia, Bukov Vrh
Aerial shot of beautiful Slovenian countryside at Bukov Vrh
Aerial shot of church and vineyards in eastern Slovenia
Aerial shot of Virgin Mary church at Zavrc in eastern Slovenia
Best photo location in Slovenia, Jamnik church
One of the best photographs of Jamnik church
Best photo location near Ljubljana at St. Ana church
Spectacular light and views from St. Ana church near Ljubljana


The old towns of Piran and Ljubljana are surely the most photographed urban sights in Slovenia. I won’t waste your time telling you where to take your pictures, how and at what time. Wandering through the lively streets, you will surely find your favorite spots, but I will name a few less obvious locations for the best pictures of Ljubljana and Piran.

The Dragon bridge and Ljubljana's cathedral
Great shot of the Dragon bridge in Ljubljana

Find your best photo spot at Slovenia’s urban locations.


  • If you are into street art, don’t miss the Metelkova Culture center.
  • For the best aerial views with the Ljubljana castle in the picture, go to the rooftop terrace of Neboticnik.


  • Catching the sunset at Piran city walls is quite a classic shot, but it is still worth mentioning.
  • For different elevated views of Pirana head to Oljcna pot (above the town).
  • Take those reflection images from the small pier at Piran harbour.
Piran town in the evening
Calm evening at the Punta in Piran
Piran harbour, one of the best photo locations in Piran
Evening harbour shot of Piran
Ljubljana's city center with the river and the castle, Slovenia
Ljubljana's medieval old town
Piran church from an elevated view, Slovenia
St. George church in Piran
Metelkova alternative culture center, photo locations in Ljubljana
Alternative culture center Metelkova, Ljubljana


If you are looking for the most comprehensive guide to discover Slovenia’s and the world’s best photo spots, join the community of photographers at PhotoHound. Our friend Luka Esenko is one of the co-founders of PhotoHound and one of the best landscape photographers in Slovenia. Check his work at or join his photography workshops all over central and south-eastern Europe.

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Chiara Bencini

We have come back from our Slovenia trip a few days ago and I absolutely want to tell you how grateful we are for this blog post about photography spots.
We are no professionals but we like taking photographs and thanks to you we could do some of the best shots of the whole vacation: especially Bled’s Ojstrica at dawn, Bohinj’s Pec and Vodnik Viewpoint. We had misty weather and the mountains were only silhouettes in the sky, nonetheless we could take beautiful pictures!
Thank you VERY much and congratulations for this wonderful website.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chiara Bencini
Chiara Bencini

We are still working on post production 🙂


I’m planning a trip next summer. I see there is not in the map the Velika Planina Plateau. Does it worth to visit?


Hi Max! Thanks for your question. There are many more interesting photo locations, however, this is our pick of the top 9. Velika Planina is definitely worth visiting, especially when it’s covered in snow during the winter or in purple saffrons in late April.


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