Mountains to Sea

Walk the countryside from Slovenian Alps to the Mediterranean Sea

The Most Diverse Multi-Active Tour Covering the Highlights of Slovenia


Explore unspoiled countryside from the Slovenian mountains to the Mediterranean Sea by walking, optionally biking, swimming and even rafting. Experience our most fun and diverse self-guided holiday, encompassing most of the highlights of Slovenia. Discover Slovenia’s green capital Ljubljana, the country’s symbol of beauty, Lake Bled, along with the vigorous Alpe-Adria and Soca Trails. Immerse in the foothills of the rugged Julian Alps, the lush Soca Valley, the hilly vineyards of Goriska Brda, and the small urban settlement of Piran on the Adriatic coast. Feel the local culture and history, reflecting in our cuisine you’ll adore.

Village of Dobrovo in Goriska Brda wine hills, Slovenia

Day 1: Emona, Laibach, Ljubljana

Reach Ljubljana on your own and explore one of Europe’s cutest capital, also the historic capital of Habsburg’s Carniola region.
Enjoy its cultural atmosphere and catch the best city view at the hill castle. Should the time allow, go on a biking trip around town, have a gourmet expert take you on a food tour or a city guide on a witty walking journey through time of Emona, Laibach, Ljubljana,…

Overnight: 3* hotel in Ljubljana


Day 2: Walk, ride & paddle at Lake Bled

In the morning you’ll get a transfer to the stunning Lake Bled.

Set off for a fun, joyous, sightful and experiential miniature triathlon to ride through small countryside villages, walk to a stunning viewpoint above the lake and through the famous Vintgar Gorge, then swim, row or paddleboard to Bled island, which is the only island in the country. Upon a jump into the 30 m-deep lake, note that there are 19 different fish species to swim along to the island. On the island you can choose to experience the groom’s wedding day when the bride gets carried up the 99 steps and ring the wishing bell. You can easily opt to walk the area, discover the legends on a traditional ‘pletna’ boat ride across the lake, beneath the cliff with the castle.

Upon return to the lakeshore, soothe a growling stomach or a sweet tooth with the famous Bled cream cake or honey tasting when meeting the local beekeeper.

Biking: 16 km / elevation gain +150 m, -150 m / approx. 1.5 hours
Hiking: 8 km / elevation gain +300 m, -300 m / approx. 1.5-3 hours
Overnight: 3* hotel in Bled
Transfer: 45 min


Day 3: Hike the Triglav National Park and Vrsic pass

Upon a short transfer to the ski town of Kranjska Gora in the north-western corner of the country, you’ll begin the 4-day hike from Mountains to Sea, including bike & raft trip through the central Julian Alps. Carry day packs only, while your main luggage is transported between accommodations.

You’ll adore passing by the lake Jasna, reflecting the jagged limestone peaks, and enjoy exploring the beautiful beech, spruce and larch forests within the National Park Triglav. Enjoyable trails among the highest mountains in Slovenia serve amazing views all along to the natural divider between the sparkling Soca and Sava river valleys. That is the well known Vrsic Pass you’ll reach by late afternoon when some of the highest Slovenian peaks and their impressive limestone walls shine in all their glory.

‘It’s not the mountain that’s mad, it’s the one climbing it’ as locals say, thus call it a day here and enjoy traditional Slovenian mountain food.

Hiking: 13 km / elevation gain +900 m, -300 m / approx. 5 hours
Overnight: mountain hut in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/6 bedrooms with shared washroom
Transfer: 30 min


Day 4: Hike the Russian Road through the Julian Alps

Walk along an old road, built by Russian prisoners of war during World War One in the part of the Julian Alps added to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Before the day takes you deep into the Julian Alps with the luxuriant Soca valley – the Garden of Eden, we recommend a sunrise hike extension to a viewpoint at the feet of the Mount Mojstrovka, revealing a beautiful glacial valley at its toes, all glamming in pink and orange sunlight.

Upon return you’ll walk quite a steep downhill, to reach the source of the Soca river, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. There the emerald water spring bursts out of a small underground lake then jumps a narrow gorge in Zadnja Trenta Valley, until it finally calmly runs away to the Mediterranean Sea as the Isonzo river.

Here you’ll overnight in a beautiful alpine hotel on a blossoming meadow amidst the sky-piercing mountains you’ll find it difficult to leave.

Hiking: 14 km / elevation gain +470 m, -1000 m / approx. 6 hours
Overnight: lovely alpine hotel in the upper Soca valley


Day 5: Walk and bike the abundant Soca Trail

Today’s section is very long, thus opt for half walk and half mountain bike ride with some short climbs on your way to the town of Bovec – the Slovenian outdoor adventure capital.

You’ll enjoy walking the beautiful Soca Trail alongside the Soca River and riding its scenic gravel and asphalt roads. Find yourself in the world of special natural features and preserved shocking heritage of World War I, where typical suspension footbridges and abundant hidden spots for relaxation by the water await for you to experience them. While enjoying an explosion of green, dare to swim in one of the turquoise pools.

After a long day regain your powers with a hearty meal in one of the family-run restaurants.

Recommendation for adventure junkies: spend an extra day in Bovec and go canyoning in one of the stunning nearby gorges.

Hiking: 13 km / elevation gain +200 m, -500 m / approx. 4 hours
Biking: 16 km / elevation gain +250 m, -300 m / approx. 2 hours
Overnight: 3* hotel in Bovec


Day 6: Walk and raft to the historic Kobarid

If in for rafting, you’ll take a short drive to the rafting start point and travel the most attractive section of the Soca River by raft. Expect a very much fun activity in beautiful natural surroundings that will get you soaking wet.

After rafting, you’ll walk what we consider the nicest section of the long-distance Juliana Trail to the Great Kozjak waterfall at Kobarid. Kozjak is the last of the six waterfalls nestled within the southern slopes of Mount Krn. The trail leads through abundant green ambience and exceptionally spectacular steep narrowing walls to the photogenic waterfall curtain with a deep green pool placed in the stunning rock amphitheatre.

Once in Kobarid town pleasant aromas of the ‘čompe’ and ‘frika’ may tempt you for a local culinary treat.

In the late afternoon, you’ll get a short transfer to ‘Slovenian Tuscany’, the Goriska Brda wine hills. Yet if the time allows, visit the Kobarid Museum, devoted mostly to the Isonzo Front of the First World War, which even Ernest Hemingway found worthy of his words in a book A Farewell to Arms. Thus expect to be moved deeply.

Hiking: 10 km / elevation gain +300 m, -400 m / approx. 3 hours
Overnight: a local homestead in the wine hills
Transfer: 1 hour


Day 7: Bike Slovenia’s best wine region

The sun-drenched Goriska Brda wine hills look like a miniature version of the famous Italian wine region Tuscany, just more charming and not yet as touristy. Mostly because Slovenian winemakers are on the rise of being as famous, yet expect to be blown away by the excellence of their wines.

Explore the rolling hills topped with small settlements and churches, its hillsides lined with family-run grapevines, orchards and olive groves and discover Slovenia’s prime wine-growing region. We recommend biking as the best alternative to walking with hotel bike delivery. Yet, why not allow yourself some downtime to enjoy the views relaxed by the swimming pool, with a glass of orange wine or famous Ribolla on the side. Or take your taste buds on a tasting adventure with fresh local fruit, olive oil, prosciutto and more.

E-Biking: 40 km / elevation gain +700 m, -700 m / approx. 4 hours
Overnight: a local homestead in the wine hills


Day 8: Walk along the Adriatic coast

A 1.5-hour transfer will get you to the Istrian settlement Strunjan on the Slovenia coast, from where you’ll walk high above the cliffs, along the seashore, through olive groves and a pebbly beach to Piran.

The walking leads along the longest stretch of natural seashore in Slovenia, protected as a nature park. Reserve’s most distinctive part is the soaring wall of the Strunjan cliffs. The 80 metres high cliffs have been shaped by wind and rain for billions of years, forming the largest known coastal flysch wall on the entire Adriatic coast. Moreover, the Strunjan peninsula is scattered with lone houses spread out across farming areas with olive groves and plantations of persimmons.

You’ll walk in the quaint town of Piran as last, which is the jewel of the Slovenian coast, located on a narrow peninsula jutting out to sea and backed by coastal hills. As you navigate through the narrow arches of the city streets you’ll find lots of attractive little spots and laid back cafes. But the best view of the 43 km long Slovenian Riviera, connecting Italy and Croatia, awaits at the top of its city walls.

Hiking: 10 km / elevation gain +180 m, -200 m / approx. 3.5 hours
Overnight: 4* hotel in Piran
Transfer: 1.5 hours


Day 9: Thank you and welcome back

On this day your unforgettable Mountains to Sea walking adventure ends in south-western Slovenia. Therefore make the best of it by going for a final swim in the Adriatic Sea, knowing that there will be the next time.


  • 7 nights with breakfast in accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary. Double or twin rooms.
  • 1 night with breakfast in a mountain hut. Private rooms with 2-6 beds per room. Shared bathrooms.
  • All passenger transfers according to the itinerary are private.
  • Luggage transfers according to the itinerary.
  • Bikes and biking gear rental in the Soca valley on Day 5.
  • Rafting on the Soca River on Day 6.
  • E-bike rental in Goriska Brda wine hills on Day 7.
  • Personalized smartphone app with uploaded GPS tracks for easy independent navigation.
  • Detailed hiking & biking descriptions, maps etc.
  • Information pack about other local sights, restaurants, activities.
  • Planning, organization, 24-hour holiday service & support.


  • Arrival to Ljubljana and departure from Piran.
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the Inclusions.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Other services not specified in the Inclusions.


  • Single traveler supplement: 920 €
  • Single room in hotels supplement: 370 € – if booking in a group

Activity Level 3 – MODERATE hiking

How difficult is the walking?

Expect to walk about 4-5 hours per day within a distance of 8-12 km (5-8 miles) and 400 m (1300 ft) elevation gain. However, on the most challenging day, you’ll gain up to 900 m (2300 ft) of elevation whereas about 16 km of distance on the challenging days. Please do make prior walks of similar distances and elevation gains on rocky terrain, to be in a reasonable shape to fully enjoy the trip rather than to suffer it through.

How difficult is the biking?

The biking is easy but still exciting for all who have never biked off asphalt roads. Thus it’s good to feel confident about riding a bike on gravel roads. This means that you’re in control when pedaling in a sitting and standing position, as well as changing gears, safely using the brakes while keeping control and maneuvering the bike while other people are around too. There is a section on a regional asphalt road as well.

You can expect sometimes to encounter a thicker layer of gravel, potholes, as well as rocks and roots, which can affect your steering and balance. In case you feel uneasy in some sections, you can always get off the bike and push for a few meters.

What are the trails like?

The hiking trails are mostly well-crafted and fairly easy to walk on, yet you can expect to walk along some steep sections with occasional slippery roots and rocks. The terrain is uneven, sometimes rocky and narrow, covered with gravel, grass, and forest soil. Mostly the trails are in the shade of the forest but be prepared for sun exposure too.

The biking trails are mainly nice gravel and dirt roads, but you’ll also ride asphalt backroads. The inclines are gently distributed on long stretches of the trail but expect some shorter and steeper sections with softer gravel too. 

In the wine hills, you will mostly bike on low-traffic asphalt roads. There are lots of hills there, therefore you are getting an e-bike. A great way to discover “Slovenian Tuscany”.

Our Mountains to Sea multi-active trip can be done anytime between May and October. There can still be some snow on Vrsic pass in May. October serves with amazing fall colors. July & August are the hottest (best for swimming) and busiest months.


What is the weather usually like?

In summer (from June to early September) the weather is usually hot, with temperatures around 25-30 deg C (75-90 deg F). In peak season (August) you can expect a heatwave with temperatures likely exceeding 35 deg C (95 deg F) as well as a significant temperature drop in the mountains on a cloudy, windy, or rainy day.

Of course, don’t forget your swimsuit and a small towel! Lakes and rivers are calling for a refreshing swim!

Essential read: our Best time to hike in Slovenia blog post.

You’ll stay in hand-picked nice and clean 3 and 4* accommodation, in double or single rooms (surcharge) with en-suite bathroom. When staying in the mountain hut, you can have your private room for 2-4 people, but you will share the washroom with a few other hikers.

Miha Gantar
Slotrips founder, trip designer & guide

Miha Gantar, Slotrips' founder, trip designer & guide

I was born in Slovenia’s lovely capital city of Ljubljana but had set the avid hiker and biker in me aside for a while to study civil engineering in Germany. It was there where I met my wife, my cute Spanish girl. Together we traveled the world and finally settled in my homeland, Slovenia in 2007. Since then I have been (re)discovering the hiking trails, biking backroads, hidden natural treasures, and best dining spots all over the country. I am in love with Slovenia’s landscape, diversity, and cultural variety and will proudly show you my “backyard”.

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“We could not believe the effort Miha went to make our trip to Slovenia so amazing.

He responded quickly to emails and put together an itinerary that showed he understood exactly what we wanted out of our trip including amazing food, comfortable accommodation and hiking in the Slovenian Alps. We could not have done the hiking trip without Miha’s careful instructions… our guide’s knowledge of this beautiful country and the best place to stop for fresh cherries was incredible. Slotrips is truly a company that understands the travelling preferences of the future – autonomy and adventure with the right amount of guidance so you don’t get trapped by tourist gimmicks.”

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What is the mountain hut like?

The mountain hut is a cosy family-run place with 3 rooms in total. You will have your own room (2 bunk beds) and will share the bathrooms with others. Expect some great and filling mountain food as well.

Can I add more adventures?

Sure! Do you like rock climbing, rappeling down amazing waterfalls, horse-back riding across lovely meadows, kayaking on turquoise rivers, paragliding with stunning views of the Julian Alps, climb a via-ferrata to one of the jagged peaks in Triglav National Park? Let us know and we will deliver your adventures!


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Photos by Slotrips and STO (Jost Gantar, Jaka Ivancic, Nikola Jurisic, TIC Brda)

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An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Tonkina koca and Kekec Homestead
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kranjska Gora and Tonkina koca
An elevation profile of 3 day Alpe-Adria trail, between Kekec Homestead and the town of Bovec

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