Explore the Alpine Foothills

A taste of life in the Julian Alps with views that go on for miles

  • self-guided
  • 8 days
  • easy-moderate
  • March to November
  • 1,230 EUR
  • Highlights
  • Walk, hike and bike in Austria, Slovenia and Italy in the triple border region. 
  • Enjoy pure natural surroundings with broad mountain panoramas.
  • Explore beautiful valley trails amid the stunning scenery of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.
  • Discover high alpine meadows, pastures and woodlands in the Triglav National Park.
  • Experience the traditional culture and cuisine of the Slovenian alpine region.
  • Good to know
  • It’s a hotel-based walking, hiking and biking jaunt.
  • Travel without a car.
  • Carry only your day pack and choose what you take. 
  • Centrally based overnight locations.
  • Hand-picked and locally owned accommodation.
  • Children from 12 years will enjoy this trip.
  • Would you like to customize the trip? Let us know!
Flowers on the houses near Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Walking to the best view at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia


Explore the Alpine Foothills is a easygoing trip of refreshing hikes in pure natural surroundings. You’ll explore the verdant valleys and shimmering lakes of Triglav National park amid glorious views of the mighty Julian Alps. 

There will be plenty of green on this trip, including the starting point in Ljubljana; Europe’s greenest capital city. From the capital you’ll head north on a number of enchanting hikes through beautiful landscape and scenery in the foothills of the Julian Alps. Here you can immerse yourself in splendid views from high alpine pastures, and marvel at the idyllic landscape of Triglav National Park.

After leaving Ljubljana, you will be based in nice small hotels at Lake Bohinj and the ski town of Kranjska Gora. Three nights in each location. Our top choice for a multitude of easy valley walks or longer mountain hikes, while keeping it as relaxed or as active as you like.

Get ready to go where the food grows, where traditional meals are made by the farmer’s families, and to experience alpine cuisine served by a friendly hand.


Upon arrival in Ljubljana, one of the greenest, safest, friendliest and cleanest capital cities in Europe, meet your trip designer to discuss your trip details over an enjoyable drink.

Since Ljubljana is so small, you can easily explore it on foot. Stroll along the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River and crisscross it via its many footbridges. Check out the famous Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge before hiking up the hill to the magnificent Ljubljana Castle, which overlooks the old town.

The bridges zig-zag between the older and newer parts of the city, and you can explore its many little markets, or head out a bit to the cities’ biggest park, Tivoli and one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe.

Ljubljana is packed with great places to eat and drink. Have a food expert introduce you to the best local bars, bistros and cafes, in order to experience exceptionally good Slovenian food.

Accommodation: nice 3* hotel in Ljubljana

Meals included: /

This morning you’ll be transferred (1 hour) from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj. Here natural treasures await via several easy yet beautiful walks to stunning viewpoints, through gorges and to waterfalls. The major part of the region is located within Triglav National park, where you’ll get slightly off-the-beaten-track too. 

A nice easy trail will take you from your hotel, through quaint local villages to a scenic viewpoint where you’ll get the most fascinating views of the lower Bohinj mountains mirrored in the lake.

The lake has a few tributaries, one of which is the crystal clear Mostnica River. Heading north from here you’ll find the river carving a narrow gorge. Its dark sparkling walls rise about 20 m above the trouts’ playground. The 2 km long canyon ends at Devils Bridge, where you can learn how a local farmer got the bridge over the Mostnica built without lifting a finger. 

Above the head of the canyon, you’ll walk along the lush lea of the Voje Valley where you’ll find a perfect spot to refresh and recharge at a nice local café nearby. 

Walking: 10 km / elevation gain +250 m, -250 m / approx. 3-4 hours, easy walk + optional extension.

Accommodation: 4* hotel at Lake Bohinj

Meals included: breakfast

If this is your first time in Slovenia, a visit to Lake Bled is a must!

Take one of the frequent buses in the morning and spend the day walking through forests, gorges and traditional villages around Lake Bled. With its island church and cliff-top medieval castle all providing a picturesque foreground to the beautiful Karavanke Alps, it’s no wonder this natural gem is Slovenia’s main attraction.

You’ll enjoy walking scenic trails and leisurely paths, initially along the town promenade. Along the way, you’ll pass beneath the 1000-year old castle. Here you can make a detour up to the castle, if you wish to dine or have a slice of the famous local cream cake in its fine restaurant overlooking the lake. Otherwise, follow the trail by the shore away from the traffic and noise and find some quiet, shady swimming spots under the cover of trees. 

Take the day slowly and explore the small villages and meadows, where in different seasons the sweet smell of wildflowers fill the air. Even if you only let your nose lead the way, you can’t really get lost around here. But keep heading towards Vintgar Gorge to see the thundering rapids of the Radovna River. This 1.6-km gorge has recently become one of the most popular attractions in the vicinity of Bled, as well as a refreshing respite from the summer heat. Stroll along wooden walkways beside vivid green water. 

Once out of the narrow walls of this lush green canyon, head back to Bled via the green meadows and forests. Who knows, you might see some squirrels or a deer.

Return to Bohinj by bus. 

Walking: 17 km / elevation gain +380 m, -380 m / approx. 5 hours (shorter options are, of course, available as well)

Accommodation: 4* hotel at Lake Bohinj

Meals included: breakfast

A short morning transfer along a winding narrow road will relocate you directly to the high alpine terrain. Once high above Lake Bohinj, today’s enchanting trek takes you along an unmarked, yet well-trodden path, through marvelous woodlands to several gorgeous high alpine meadows and pastures

Well into the hike, you’ll cross alpine farms situated upon the rolling hills of this idyllic landscape. The trail is easy to follow, yet it is one of the less-visited trails in Triglav National Park. Therefore, you’ll only meet a handful of people and have the chance to interact with local shepherds and taste their delicious mountain cheese & yogurt.

Finally, you’ll reach yet another postcard-perfect pasture with the greenest and most captivating scenery. Imagine sprawling meadows dotted with little wooden shepherds’ cabins and grazing livestock, located beside a fervent green lake at the foot of a mountain with a row of spruce trees reflected in the water. You’ll feel like you are in a fairy tale here. Yet on a beautiful summer weekend, you’ll share it with casual hikers coming from the Lake Bohinj basin. 

Call your driver to pick you up when you are ready and return to the comfort of your hotel. Round your day up with a delicious dinner made from locally grown ingredients. 

Walking: 12 km / elevation +650 m, -650 m / approx. 4-5 hours

Accommodation: 4* hotel at Lake Bohinj

Meals included: breakfast

Time to change location and transfer (approx. 1 hour) to Kranjska Gora. Today takes you on a ridge hike along the Karavanke Alps, the most panoramic experience of this trip. Thus during the ascent, your eyes will keep wandering to mountain peaks so beautiful they’ll make your heart sing.

Hiking along the grassy ridgeline between Slovenia and Austria is extremely enjoyable and fairly isolated. However, you’ll be accompanied by the highest and most dramatic mountains of the Julian Alps. Especially with Mt. Spik and Mt. Mangart standing out among the crowd.

You’ll also come across the ruins of a former guardhouse. From here the beautiful Italian and Austrian Alps dominate the horizon. 

Luckily you’ll get to enjoy the panorama while descending towards the town of Kranjska Gora. It’s your overnight location close to the triple border of Slovenia, Austria and Italy – a popular ski town and top spot for an active getaway and authentic culinary experience.

Walking: 12 km / elevation gain +250 m, -1000 m / approx. 5 hours (with possible extensions)

Accommodation: family run hotel in Kranjska Gora

Meals included: breakfast

Enter the forests of the Triglav National Park again today. You’ll hike along the Alpe Adria Trail towards the central Julian Alps. On the way to Vrsic Pass, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, you’ll walk by the Russian Chapel. Together with the Russian Road, it serves as a memorial to the deceased Russian POWs who built the road during World War One. 

On this absolutely beautiful historic trail, you are surrounded by some of the highest and most scraggly Slovenian peaks along with their impressive limestone walls. Moreover, you’ll walk through magnificent beech, spruce and larch forests until you reach the top of the pass. 

It is quite a long hike and we will provide several alternatives to extend or cut it short. From the top of Vrsic Pass return to Kranjska Gora by bus or call a taxi.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for a traditional mountain meal today, like our famous Carniolan sausage.

Walking: 13 km / elevation gain +900 m / approx. 5 hours

Accommodation: family run hotel in Kranjska Gora

Meals included: breakfast

This morning you’ll explore the ultimate north-western corner of the country and across the border by bike. You’ll collect your bike in Kranjska Gora and ride a lovely and fairly flat cycle lane all the way to Italy. We’ll also recommend a few ‘walking pit-stops’ along the way.

You’ll begin with the source of the Sava river. Take a minute to explore its gorgeous green lake and swamp; a pristine nature reserve. Here the spring water emerges from the ground and feeds the Sava – the longest river in Slovenia.

Your wheels will take you on to the last alpine valley in Slovenia. It’s the cradle of Slovenian eagles, ski jumping and flying hills. Here you can climb the ski hill of the Ponce mountains. You can also try out the steepest zipline in the world; not only to know the perspective, but also to experience the sensation of the ski jumpers’ run down the hill. 

Your next stop is the alpine valley of Laghi di Fusine, across the border in Italy. After a fairly easy ride, you will reach two adorable green lakes at the foot of the mighty north wall of Mount Mangart. If you’re a fan of romantic settings, you’ll melt here.

Therefore explore the stunning landscape on foot or just find the softest spot on the greenest grass. You’ll have the perfect view of this mountain panorama and can enjoy the fresh mountain air. 

Because seeing these lovely corners of the country numerous times just isn’t enough, you’ll love it all the way back too.

Biking: 24 km / elevation gain +290 m, -290 m / approx. 3 hours

LET US KNOW IF YOU DON’T LIKE BIKING! We will provide an alternative.

Accommodation: family run hotel in Kranjska Gora

Meals included: breakfast

There’s nothing like waking up in the Alps knowing there is absolutely no other place you need to be. Therefore, grasp on to that moment and take it with you, as it’s the feeling of Slovenia you’ll remember long after the memories fade. Also, you’re always welcome back for more! 

Julian Alps above Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Trip price: 1,230 EUR per person
  • Included
  • 7 nights bed & breakfast in nice centrally located 3* hotels or cozy family run B&Bs. Double or twin rooms.
  • All passenger transfers mentioned in the itinerary are private.
  • Bike and helmet rental in Kranjska Gora on Day 7.
  • Welcome meeting over a drink in Ljubljana.
  • Personalised smartphone app with uploaded GPS tracks for navigation.
  • Detailed hiking & biking descriptions, maps etc.
  • Organisation, 24-hour holiday service & support.
  • Excluded
  • International flights.
  • Airport transfers to Ljubljana and from Kranjska Gora.
  • Drinks.
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Other services not specified under “Included”.
  • Extras
  • Single traveller supplement: 500 €.


Expect to walk about 3-6 hours per day within a distance of 10-18 km (6-11 miles) and 600 m (1900 ft) elevation gain. However, on the most challenging day, you’ll gain up to 900 m (2300 ft) of elevation.

We will offer several different hiking options and you can choose the one which suits you best. Everything can be adapted to your fitness level and wishes.

Most of the trails are comfortable and wide. However, they are also uneven, sometimes rocky and narrow, with gravel, grass and forest soil surfaces. You can expect to walk over some short, steep, sometimes slippery sections, especially when wet. Most of the trails are in the shade of a forest. However, be prepared for sun exposure too.

In summer (from June to early September) the weather is usually hot, with temperatures around 25-30 deg C (75-90 deg F). In peak season (August) you can expect a heatwave with temperatures likely exceeding 35 deg C (95 deg F) as well as a significant temperature drop in the mountains on a cloudy, windy or rainy day.

You’ll stay in hand-picked nice and clean 3-4* hotels or cozy family-run guesthouses, in double or single rooms with en-suite bathroom.

You can expect to encounter cows, goats, sheep and perhaps even wild animals, like deer, squirrels, marmots, birds and more. Usually, all livestock and wild animals are shy and afraid of people but sometimes you might meet a more domesticated or curious one. It might just want to get a really good smell or taste of you or your sandwich, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes they’ll stand in the middle of your trail, just staring at you without showing any interest in letting you pass. Then try to find a different place to pass them, but don’t scare them. 

In case you encounter snakes, which are just as afraid of you as you might be of them, in no case try to catch them as they might be poisonous. 

Apart from your main travel luggage, follow the packing checklist below, which we recommend for this trip:

  • Comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes (preferably high-cut)
  • Long hiking pants/trousers (preferably zip off and fast dry fabric)
  • Short pants/trousers
  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Warm jacket (fleece)
  • Rain & wind protection jacket (lightweight rain & windproof jacket)
  • Comfortable hiking socks
  • Thin gloves
  • Sun protection (sunscreen with 30+ factor, hat with visor, sunglasses)
  • Personal items (personal hygiene, medicine etc.)
  • Hiking poles (if you often use them for hiking)
  • A water bottle or hydration bladder (1.5l volume is recommended, as tap water in Slovenia is potable you can refill along the way)
  • A small backpack to carry your things while walking
  • Swimsuit and a small towel
  • Travel insurance

We require a 20% deposit to confirm your booking. The balance is to be paid 45 days before the trip. Both payments are non-refundable. 

Purchasing travel insurance is recommended, as anyone can encounter unforeseen circumstances while travelling. So you don’t to lose your money, we suggest including trip cancellation, medical coverage, baggage loss, loss of passport or wallet, etc. in your insurance policy.

Reserve your spot now!

Meet our trip designers

Katja hiking guide

Katja Rogelj

Trip designer & guide
A passionate mountain biker and ski mountaineer powered by the force of nature, with a ready smile and easy laugh, I am wildly enthusiastic about my life and work. Running on an adventurous heartbeat I could find the kick-off to the great outdoors only through studying physical education. Thus I soon turned from a junior mountaineer and hiker to a skiing teacher and canyoning instructor and guide in Slovenia, New Zealand, Corsica (France) and Spain. Many moves around the Slovenian Alps later, you will even find me in the office sharing my passion with you, getting to know you and loving every minute of it!
“I experienced an incredible Slovenian adventure with Slotrips. Miha is a fabulous, knowledgeable guide; taking us on unique, well-planned adventures each day. Enjoyed it all from the breathtaking alpine scenery, waterfalls, unique caves, river rafting, stunning limestone peaks, delightful vintners, gorgeous gorges, and charming Ljubljana. The highlights were the treks in this hiker’s paradise. A perfect trip, can’t wait to take another adventure with the Slotrips group.”

Laurie from USA
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