Slovenia is the kind of country to spoil a biker with dynamic landscape and quickly changing scenery, as well as with a wide range of marked trails easy to navigate. Because the country is on the intersection of the Alps with the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Planes, which influences the mountain, Mediterranean and continental climate, you can find great weather for biking in some region in every season. More, the diverse terrain and trail surfaces give plenty of options for cycling, gravel and mountain biking trip, suitable for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy exploring Slovenia together.

A couple on a mountain biking trip, riding along a gravel road surrounded by lush green fields and hillsides of mount Krn.
Biking trail ideas mentioned below are part of a larger, international biking trail network, connecting many destinations around Europe. Yet you can casually opt for a multiple country biking tours, on any of the three borders of Slovenia with Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria.

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A girl on a biking trip through the Slovenian countryside biking past a Christian church
A mountain biker on a smooth gravel road through the beech forest in the Julian Alps, close to Lake Bled


Long-distance biking trail expands from the Drava river spring in Italy, along an idyllic river valley across Austrian Carinthia, the Pannonian Slovenia and finally Croatia, and is best suitable for trekking and gravel bikes. The route is characterized by the diversity of culture, green hills with castles and deciduous forests with tended places to relax and dip. Go see the oldest vine in the world in Maribor and visit Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. It’s no too far from Hungary, should you wish to do 4 countries in one trip. More info about Drava cycling trail.


A short paved cycling route runs along the historical Bohinj Railway Steam Train line, from Plave to Solkan, alongside the Soca river with Solkan Bridge, the world's longest stone arch railroad bridge. It’s an easy-going cycling trip through the most vivid nature of the longer trail connection between Nova Gorica and Predel road pass. Revealing the river’s widest green palette, from bright jade to deepest emerald, it’s a temptation to jump in for a swim impossible to resist.

Happy travelers swimming in the Soca river in Slovenia
Two mountain bikers taking a break at Zelenci springs close to Kranjska Gora Ski Resort in Slovenia


The paved trail is a part of the Sava River Bike Route, connecting Slovenia with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It leads along an abandoned railway route, from the most northern border crossing in Rateče to Mojstrana with Vrata valley, at the Kingdom of the Goldenhorn. Along the way, you’ll cross many bridges over the Sava river, the longest river in Slovenia and a tributary to the Danube. Take a break is at Zelenci, the Sava springs nature reserve.

A mountain biker descending past a flock of sheep in the mountain high above the Soca Valley in the Julian Alps with Mt. Krn in the background
A multi-day mix of single trails, gravel and back roads runs from the iconic Lake Bled around the biggest mountains of the Julian Alps and through the serene Triglav National Park. Reflecting a connection between the unspoilt natural environment and cultural heritage of the only national park in Slovenia. This tour crosses the panoramic Vrsic mountain pass, as it is on every biker’s bucket list, and takes you through beautiful beech forests with sparkling waterways along the Soca valley to Most Na Soci. A hectic train then takes through the mountains to the fantastic glacial valley of Lake Bohinj.
Boats in Ribcev Laz at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

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On-road cycling trail links the most versatile highlights of Slovenia, following different trails. You’ll check one of Europe’s greenest capitals, Ljubljana, one of World’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Bled, the historic road with switchbacks to the highest road pass in the Eastern Julian Alps, the Vrsic pass, one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers, the emerald green Soca river, the Karst formations, which made name for typography, the Goriska and Vipava regions with grapevines and orchards, which are one of Europe’s best-kept secrets and finally the romantic Slovenian coast with cultural and archaeological gems, made for European Destination of Excellence.
The Ljubljana old town city centre with Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in the foreground and the Ljubljana Castle on the Castle hill in the background
Village of Dobrovo in Goriska Brda wine hills, Slovenia
A road cyclist on a low traffic road through vineyards in Slovenian Istria with Adriatic, Strunjan cliffs and the town of Piran in the background


A former railway line, connecting Trieste in Italy with Porec in Croatia, is now ‘The route of health and friendship’, a regulated biking and hiking path. A two, three or five-day trip along rough terrain, best done by a mountain bike, will take you along adorable towns, on the Croatian and Slovenian coast. Make a stop at the Secovlje Saltworks for some original tradition and Piran for medieval city features, or stretch your ride to the Istrian hinterland for a deep breath of aromatic air.

Tartini square in Piran, SLovenia


Bike touring trail across the longest mountain ridge in Slovenia, stretches from Jezersko, the green pearl of Europe, to Pec on the Slovenia – Austria – Italy tri-border overlook. Mountain trails, forest paths and gravel roads are mostly laid on the sun-facing slopes of the massif, enabling you to enjoy spectacular views and tranquil nature while travelling to the next alpine post. For bits of long-standing mountaineering tradition, visit the Slovenian Alpine museum on the way.

Two mountain bikers on the top of Mt. Tromeja, Triple border, bordering Slovenia, Italy and Austria


This most diverse trail connects Slovenia with Austria and Italy into a 7-day and three countries mountain biking tour. It takes you from the magical Julian Alps, through the lush green Soca valley, disrupt with World War traces, across the stony Karst plateau to the wine regions of Goriska Brda and Vipava Valley, and finally to the coast. Enthusiastic bikers will love the famous Vrsic pass stretch of a ride, heading from the countryside to a saddle with amazing mountain views. Our best suggestion is to give in here for the best wines and beers in the country.

Biking in the Soca valley near Bovec, Slovenia
A female biker taking a rest leaning on the vines in a vineyard in Karst region in Slovenia


1.800 km linking 41 stages and 51 mountain huts into the longest bike trip in the country, which is apart from the Euro Velo network the longest bike touring route in Europe, with a sum of 50.000 m vertical difference. Regardless, select stages with preferred alpine, ethnographic and technical historic events, intertwined with urban, natural and cultural settings. Among many others, it passes the mercury mining museum, museum of Janez Puch, the inventor of the first motorcycle powered by a petrol engine, Alpine botanical garden, as well as the Sneznik castle, which is most finely preserved castle in Slovenia, and old village centres, like Stanjel, one of the oldest settlements in Karst.

A couple on mountain bikes crossing the Zajamniki pasture above the Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps, Slovenia
A mountain biker descending on a single track close to Ljubljana, Slovenia with Polhov Gradec Hills in the background
A biker biking on a low-traffic asphalt road through the Slovenian countryside with a traditional single straight-line hayrack in the background
Hikers walking the trail under the cliff, behind the Pericnik waterfall in the Triglav National Park.
The Logar valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in Slovenia with Mt. Ojstrica in the background


Numerous cycling paths in Bela Krajina are made for all bikers profiles in terms of terrain and challenges. Lining up old towns, castles, churches, local cottages and other points of interest, as well as white birches, wine-growing hills, and bird watching opportunities along the bushy banks of the Kolpa river. To discover its rich customs and folklore, take the time to meet the pleasant locals, defined by the easy character of the region.

A mountain biker on a descent from Tosko Celo hill with Slovenian capital Ljubljana in the background


This tour takes you trotting the wooded Pohorje Massif along forest paths and dirt roads. The hilly ridge, placed among the towns of Maribor, Dravograd and Slovenske Konjice, reveals the Primeval forest Sumik. Waterfalls and moors with lakes, shelters the largest moth in Europe, Aristotle’s Silkworm or the Giant Peacock Moth and the thickest chestnut tree in Slovenia, among other wildlife in raised bogs and glades.

Two bikers on a mountain biking trip on Tosko Celo hill overlooking the Slovenian capital Ljubljana with Kamin-Savinja Alps in the background
To have the best biking experience in Slovenia, it’s important to choose the right bike, rental and support services and the right level of challenge. Enhance the tour with your special interests, sensational local food and drink and comfortable accommodation run by friendly locals to ample reward for big days in the saddle. There is plenty of information available online, to do the planning yourself, but if you rather skip the hard work and enjoy more instead, let us do it for you.

Photo credits: Slotrips d.o.o., Jost Gantar and I feel Slovenia.

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